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“It’s all the time good to be lied to.” These phrases are tossed off with a chuckle early on in “Marjorie Prime,” however by the tip they've acquired an nearly prophetic significance.

Lovely untruths and half-truths abound in Michael Almereyda’s quietly shimmering new film, which takes place in a considerably distant future when our deceased family members might be summoned again as “Primes” — artificially clever holograms that, by way of the act of speaking and listening, turn into repositories of our personal deeply unreliable reminiscences.

Tailored by Almereyda from Jordan Harrison’s 2014 play of the identical title, the movie is a seamless, unshowy weave of chamber piece and speculative fiction; at instances it suggests a lo-fi companion piece to Spike Jonze’s “Her” or maybe an unusually soothing episode of “Black Mirror.” The movie unfolds nearly completely at an engaging beige-interiored seaside home, the place the 86-year-previous Marjorie (Lois Smith) lives along with her daughter, Tess (Geena Davis), and son-in-regulation, Jon (Tim Robbins). However after we first encounter Marjorie, she’s sitting down in her lounge to talk with a person who identifies himself as Walter (Jon Hamm).

After a couple of moments of charmingly cryptic dialog, wherein we register the lapses in her fading recollections and the faintly robotic courtliness of his method, it turns into clear that Walter is a Prime, a pleasant, consoling projection of Marjorie’s late husband. The true Walter died at a a lot older age, however Marjorie has chosen to resurrect him in all his mid-40s handsomeness — in his prime, because it have been.

There is one thing nearly too good in regards to the thought of casting Hamm as an unreal, unattainable specimen of manhood, and the actor rises to the problem with the drollest, trickiest efficiency on this gorgeously acted film. Walter Prime’s compassion and curiosity aren't any much less real for being programmed, and as he and Marjorie teasingly reminisce in regards to the evening he proposed, or about her previous as an expert violinist, Hamm skillfully disguises each completely calculated response as a pure, spontaneous one.

However then, is there actually such an enormous distinction to start with? You'll be able to sense Walter Prime’s digital synapses firing every time Marjorie reacts, giving him new info to file away, one thing with which to differ his repertoire — which, if you concentrate on it, is only a extra well mannered, compartmentalized model of the best way human-to-human intercourse usually operates. Theirs is a surprisingly intuitive type of remedy, constructed on the hope that their common conversations in regards to the previous is not going to solely give Marjorie consolation, but additionally stimulate her dementia-addled reminiscence or a minimum of gradual her decline.

Not everybody is so optimistic. Tess, brittle and susceptible, can’t assist however really feel skeptical about Marjorie bonding with an A.I., not least as a result of she and her mom have by no means loved that type of easygoing intimacy. Jon, significantly extra enthused, screens Marjorie’s progress by selectively feeding, and filtering out, the Prime’s reminiscences. Amid all of the stray bits of information — an previous job, a pet poodle — is the specter of Tess’ older brother, Damian, whose conspicuous absence from any of Marjorie and Walter Prime’s conversations feels increasingly more troubling as time goes on.

And go on it does. A change of scene can span months and even years, signaled by little greater than a fade to black and the churning strings of one other sensible rating by Mica Levi (“Beneath the Pores and skin,” “Jackie”). Over the rest of this exact, economical 98-minute movie, the characters’ relationships will shift and reconfigure themselves in methods greatest left unrevealed right here, though because the title suggests, Walter Prime isn’t the one hologram that may make an look. I might have fortunately watched varied variations of Walter, Marjorie, Tess and Jon discuss in numerous pairings for hours, even when their conversations weren’t so wealthy in concepts in regards to the irresistible energy of delusion, the tough nature of reminiscence and the doubtful promise of know-how.

For as soon as, the remoted setting doesn’t constrict the fabric or cry out for a extra “opened up” method. (There is one romantic flashback set in a museum, in entrance of a mural of Versailles, that invokes “Final Yr at Marienbad,” probably the most famously enigmatic of all reminiscence movies.) You'll be able to think about the next-tech model of “Marjorie Prime” that exhibits the holograms being engineered or the fits in cost making sinister backroom discuss, however dystopian world-constructing doesn’t appear to curiosity Almereyda. He grounds the outlandish science-fiction conceit in an on a regular basis domesticity that renders it all of the extra entrancingly weird.

Almereyda is a filmmaker of transporting lucidity. In movies like his New York Metropolis modernization of “Hamlet” (2000) or “Experimenter” (2015), his playful drama in regards to the researcher Stanley Milgram, the director drew upon elaborate, ingenious formal gadgets that have been exceptional for not simply their cleverness, but additionally their intuitiveness. The simplicity of method he achieves in “Marjorie Prime,” with its clear, elegant shot-reverse-shot setups, fits the irreducible complexity of the textual content, wherein feelings and concepts are so entwined they’re virtually interchangeable.

Smith, who performed her function onstage, directly acknowledges and defies the rigidity of previous age, bringing out Marjorie’s nervous pleasure, her girlish mischief and her loosening grip on actuality in a marvelously quicksilver flip. Robbins strikes deftly from stable, reliable cheer to deep melancholy, his character fittingly bearing the brunt of the know-how he so reveres.

The soul of the film is Davis, and the fun of seeing her in an all-too-uncommon movie function can be sufficient even with out the quiet depths of despair she brings to bear on the movie’s most anguished determine. In a single extraordinary scene, Tess merely sits and listens to a tune, and Davis distills what looks like an whole lifetime’s price of sorrow and pleasure into one wordless closeup, as if she have been startled by her capability for feeling and devastated that she didn’t notice it sooner. She’s unforgettable.


‘Marjorie Prime’

Not rated

Working time: hour, 38 minutes

Enjoying: Laemmle’s Playhouse 7, Pasadena, and Laemmle’s Monica Movie Middle, Santa Monica

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Michael Almereyda's 'Marjorie Prime' is an elegant, haunting futuristic drama - Los Angeles Times