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It is a story as previous as cities themselves: prosperity involves city and triggers a constructing growth. In trendy San Francisco, rows of skyscrapers have begun lining the downtown streets and recasting the skyline, monuments to the triumph of the tech sector. Main this wave, the Millennium Tower. 58 tales of opulence, it opened in 2009 to nice acclaim, then the tallest residential constructing west of the Mississippi. Although priced within the hundreds of thousands, the stock of posh flats moved shortly. But for all its curb attraction, the constructing has, fairly actually, one basic downside: it is sinking into mud and tilting towards its neighbors. Engineering would not typically make for rollicking thriller, however San Francisco is captivated by the story of the leaning tower and the lawsuits it is spawned. It is a story positioned -- albeit at an angle -- someplace between civic scandal and civic curiosity, an illustration of what can occur when zeal for growth overtakes widespread sense.


Millennium Tower

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When the fog rolls in over San Francisco, the skyscrapers stay as much as the title. The TransAmerica Pyramid, lengthy the gem of this skyline, now dwarfed, quaint as a cable automobile. The brand new Salesforce Tower stands because the tallest constructing on the town. Close by, Fb simply took out town's largest lease on this constructing. And throughout the way in which, the Millennium Tower at 301 Mission Avenue: 645 toes of strengthened concrete wrapped in glass. Contained in the $550 million building, as marketed, lavish condominiums flush with facilities, attracting tech barons and enterprise capitalists. San Francisco royalty, former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, purchased right here.

So did Jerry and Pat Dodson. Eight years in the past, they paid $2. million for a two-bed room and deliberate to stay out their retirement having fun with the sweeping view from the 42nd ground.

Pat Dodson: It is a great location... Every little thing I had learn indicated that it was the most effective constructing in San Francisco. It had received quite a few awards. It had significantly received awards for building, which was essential for those who're pondering of transferring right into a excessive rise.

Jon Wertheim: Initially no purchaser's regret?

Pat Dodson: Completely not.

Jerry Dodson: No, under no circumstances. I imply, actually, purchaser euphoria.

One characteristic the Dodson's hadn't counted on is the handfuls of stress gauges dot the partitions of the Millennium Tower's basement. They measure, in millimeters, the gradual progress of cracks alongside the columns that stand up from the constructing's basis.


Jerry Dodson reveals contributor Jon Wertheim stress gauges within the Millennium Tower

CBS News

Jerry Dodson: There's sufficient of them, a spider net of cracks, that you must be involved about what is going on on beneath.

These cracks are one of the one visible clues that there is something profoundly fallacious right here.

Jon Wertheim: These are the rounds you do now?

Jerry Dodson: Yeah, I have been advised by structural and geotechnical engineers that I ought to be watching…

Each an engineer and a lawyer, Dodson makes every day rounds of the basement on the lookout for indicators of deterioration. It is a routine he is saved because the house owner's affiliation known as a gathering of residents in Might of 2016.

Pat Dodson: They simply mentioned we ought to be there and made us sign up, which alerted us at the moment that there was one thing critical.

Jon Wertheim: So what was the character of that assembly?

Pat Dodson: It was the primary time we have been advised that the constructing was sinking and was tilting.

Engineers for the tower's developer have tracked sinking right here because the day the muse was poured in 2006. Nothing uncommon about that. This is what's uncommon: their information reveals the Millennium Tower sinking -- 17 inches to this point -- and tilting 14 inches to the northwest.

As soon as information bought out, native politicians seized on the story. And the very engineers celebrated for the constructing's design all of the sudden have been being compelled to elucidate why the constructing was transferring.

"No person has owned as much as why this constructing isn't performing."

When the Millennium hearings opened to public remark, it introduced some livelier moments. This, in spite of everything, being San Francisco -- a metropolis as soon as described as 49 sq. miles surrounded by actuality. Aaron Peskin has a sure vitality himself. A very long time metropolis supervisor, he begins most days with a swim within the Bay then meets constituents at a North Seashore espresso store, the place the Millennium Tower is a well-liked matter. Peskin is main hearings into what's inflicting the difficulty.

Jon Wertheim: You subpoenaed some of the engineers concerned with Millennium Tower. Why?

Aaron Peskin: We do not usually prefer to subpoena individuals. That energy has not been utilized by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for some quarter of a century.

Jon Wertheim: Twenty-5 years, you've got by no means issued a subpoena earlier than?

Aaron Peskin: That is right.

Jon Wertheim: Once you bought them in right here, what did you study?

Aaron Peskin: Their solutions have been lower than passable. No person has owned as much as why this constructing isn't performing.


Frank Jernigan and Andrew Faulk present their 'marble' video

CBS News

Some owners aren't ready round to search out out. Andrew Faulk and Frank Jernigan -- who labored at Google when it was nonetheless a begin-up -- bought all of the solutions they wanted after they rolled a marble throughout their ground.

Frank Jernigan: We did not do it however as soon as, and that is what we bought. We have been shocked when that factor stopped, rotated and began rolling again.

Andrew Faulk: Again to the place the constructing is tilting.

Jon Wertheim: The northwest facet.

Frank Jernigan: I believed, "We do not know if this constructing's going to face up in an earthquake." And so I turned severely frightened of that.

Andrew Faulk: And we bought out. We left, we left actually most all of our belongings. We simply left.

The couple offered their residence earlier this yr and moved to a two-story residence within the Pacific Heights neighborhood.

Frank Jernigan: We offered it for about half of what it was valued at earlier than this information got here to mild.

Jon Wertheim: You misplaced seven figures --

Frank Jernigan: Sure.

Jon Wertheim: On the sale of this residence?

Frank Jernigan: Sure.

Andrew Faulk: That is proper.

Frank Jernigan: I'd say we misplaced $three-four million.

Talking of astronomical figures, half a world away, in a suburb of Amsterdam, San Francisco's sinking tower got here throughout the radar of Petar Marinkovic, an engineer who works with the European House Company to trace earthquakes. Utilizing alerts from a satellite tv for pc 500 miles above the earth, Marinkovic measures floor actions round fault strains. In 2016, he occurred to be finding out the Bay Space, when one thing caught his eye.


Marinkovic's chart of floor actions

CBS News

Jon Wertheim: That is clearly downtown San Francisco. What do the inexperienced dots signify?

Petar Marinkovic: Inexperienced dots signify steady. No displacement, no vital displacement.

Jon Wertheim: Secure buildings?

Petar Marinkovic: Secure buildings, yeah.

Jon Wertheim: And the pink dots?

Petar Marinkovic: Few pink dots means one thing's happening. One thing's settling. One thing's subsiding. One thing's sinking.

Jon Wertheim: Do you know what it was?

Petar Marinkovic: No.

Jon Wertheim: Had you heard of Millennium Tower earlier than this?

Petar Marinkovic: No.

Jon Wertheim: Ever been to San Francisco?

Petar Marinkovic: No.

Jon Wertheim: What are you able to inform us in regards to the price of sinking?

Petar Marinkovic: It is within the ballpark of - between .5 to 2 inches a yr.

Jon Wertheim: .5 to 2 inches a yr?

Petar Marinkovic: Yeah, yeah.

And there is nothing to counsel the sinking and tilting are slowing down, a lot much less stopping. However is it harmful? As just lately as this previous summer time, town of San Francisco and its engineers asserted the constructing is protected, even within the occasion of an earthquake. Even so -- and this can be a central theme to this saga: there are as many opinions in regards to the bother on the Millennium Tower as there are engineers within the Bay Space.

Jerry Cauthen, one of these native engineers, didn't work on the tower however has labored on close by initiatives.

Jerry Cauthen: There's loads of issues about this constructing which can be unprecedented.

Jon Wertheim: Some sinking for buildings is suitable, proper?

Jerry Cauthen: Some is. They really anticipated that, over the carry of the constructing, it could sink about 4 to 5 inches. That is like 100-yr life.

Jon Wertheim: That is double and triple that.

Jerry Cauthen: Yeah. I do not assume they -- they clearly did not anticipate something like this, near it.

By 'they' Cauthen means Millennium Companions -- model-title builders with excessive-finish skyscrapers all around the nation. Cauthen says their large mistake was constructing Millennium Tower out of concrete as a substitute of metal.

Jerry Cauthen: Concrete is commonly cheaper. And it is simply pretty much as good, however it's a lot heavier. And so you bought to design your basis and your sub-floor to help that increased weight.

What lies beneath the floor at 301 Mission Avenue is crucial to the story. It fell to Millennium's geotechnical engineers to research the bottom beneath and design an acceptable basis. They went with a basis pushed 80-feet deep right into a layer of dense sand. And town authorised the plan. Larry Karp is an area geotechnical engineer. He didn't work on the tower both however focuses on Bay Space soil circumstances.


Millennium Tower

CBS News

Jon Wertheim: What's below the bottom right here?

Larry Karp: What's below the bottom right here on the floor is rubble from the 1906 earthquake, brick and sand and particles, every thing you might think about is down right here.

You must go 200 toes beneath the Millennium Tower, by layers of historical past within the floor -- beneath landfill from the time of the gold rush, sand, mud and clay -- to succeed in strong rock or bedrock. Karp says the truth that the tower's basis is not anchored in bedrock -- properly, that is an issue.

"Everyone is afraid to inform the reality. As a result of if we get to the underside of this, they're frightened that it's going to, in some methods, decelerate the constructing growth that's taking place in San Francisco."

Larry Karp: For a giant, heavy constructing, a concrete constructing, these foundations should go deeper. For a constructing like this, they should go to bedrock.

In any other case, he says, the construction will sink into much less sturdy layers of sand and dirt. And since it would not sink or settle uniformly, you get tilting.

Larry Karp: Have a look at the entire line.

Karp advised us he can see the lean from the center of Mission Avenue a number of blocks away. We could not see it so we requested Jerry Cauthen if he might.

Jerry Cauthen: No, I do not. It is very exhausting to see. It isn't sufficient of a tilt to see. This isn't just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

And there it's: the inevitable comparability to that biggest engineering gaffe of all of them. Not the landmark any current-day developer desires to be related to. Millennium Companions declined our request for an on-digicam interview however identified their tower was constructed to code. They blame their neighbors, particularly building of the Transbay Terminal -- San Francisco's reply to Grand Central Station -- proper subsequent door. Transbay declined an on-digicam interview too however advised us Millennium had already sunk 10 inches earlier than work started on their venture.  And proper on cue, right here come the legal professionals. Attorneys for Millennium Companions, for the Transbay Terminal subsequent door, for the tower's structural engineers, and geotechnical engineers, for the architect and the builder, for the owners affiliation and for town, and sure -- even for Joe Montana. There are 20 events to numerous Millennium Tower lawsuits and counting.

Jerry Dodson: It takes a half hour simply to take attendance of the legal professionals within the courtroom. I imply, actually.

Jon Wertheim: That is loads of billable hours.

Jerry Dodson: Lotta billable hours.

Courtroom circus apart, we requested Aaron Peskin -- town supervisor -- merely: what is going on on right here?

Aaron Peskin: Everyone is afraid to inform the reality. As a result of if we get to the underside of this, they're frightened that it's going to, in some methods, decelerate the constructing growth that's taking place in San Francisco.

Jon Wertheim: Time is cash in building, and we do not wish to cease this frenzy.

Aaron Peskin: Completely. Completely.

This drama has hardly had a chilling impact. In every single place you look in downtown San Francisco, they're constructing one other skyscraper. And the most recent should-have amenity for all these new constructions: bedrock. In what could be the primary act of constructing on constructing bullying, tech big Salesforce caught it to Millennium through Twitter.

Aaron Peskin: "Bedrock, child."

Jon Wertheim: You assume that was in reference to what is going on on throughout the road?

Aaron Peskin: I do not assume it was in reference. I do know it was in reference 'trigger I do know the individuals who constructed that constructing.

Town nonetheless would not require all skyscrapers to go to bedrock however it has made some modifications to stop one other tower from leaning. Extra evaluation of foundations for brand spanking new tall buildings, for one. As for the Millennium Tower, on this, virtually everybody agrees: it must be mounted.

Jon Wertheim: What will we do with a tilting, sinking constructing?

Jerry Cauthen: I've heard freeze the bottom, in perpetuity, freeze the bottom.

Jon Wertheim: Perpetually freeze the bottom below this constructing?

Jerry Cauthen: Perpetually freeze the bottom. They've talked about eradicating 20 tales from the highest of it to scale back its weight.

Jon Wertheim: What -- what do you assume of that, lopping off--

Jerry Cauthen: God I hope they do not have to--

Jon Wertheim: Lopping off the highest 20 tales?

Jerry Cauthen: Shoo, that seems like a horrible mess. I feel extra seemingly the surest approach is to get it on piles to rock.

Bedrock. There could also be no avoiding it. The events are in mediation debating simply the way to drill all the way down to bedrock below an current skyscraper with a thousand individuals residing upstairs. After which, there's the indelicate query: who pays for all this?

Aaron Peskin: I'm hopeful that town and Millennium and the owners affiliation will implement a repair within the close to time period and combat in regards to the cash later. However time's ticking.

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San Francisco's leaning tower of lawsuits - CBS News